Augmented Scorpion Pincer
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Augmented Scorpion Pincer]]
Durability 863 (Same as Jade)
Renewable Yes (Using Iron Golems to farm Iron)
Stackable No

Description Edit

Augmented Scorpion Pincers are powerful crafted weapons, made using Reinforced Exoskeleton Plate, Iron Ingots and-of course-a Scorpion Pincer. As such, you'll need to grind on Scorpions in either a Volcanic Desert or the Ulterior Outback for a bit, as their pincers are a rare drop.

Capability Edit

This weapon inflicts +8 damage with additional knockback, totalling your melee damage to 4 and a half hearts. The real secret comes with the right-click; if you're holding any Fire Charges, the Augmented Scorpion Pincer will fire one slightly overcharged Fire Charge in the direction you're facing, at the cost of 10 durability. The Fire Charge will inflict its own damage on top of that from the weapon.

It is unknown how enchantable Augmented Scorpion Pincers are.

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