Health Points 30 (FullHeart x 15)
Attack Strength 4 (FullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 0-2 Nectar (Wild), Entire Inventory (Tame)
First Appearance 0.2pre1


Description Edit

Bees are neutral land/flying mobs that spawn in the Elysian Fields. These creatures are very similar to Wasps but have a much friendlier nature.

Bee UsageEdit

Bees make very good "workers" for their hives in real life. Thanks to the Erebus mod, you can tame and use Bees in Minecraft!

By right-clicking a Honey Comb with the Bee Pendant and then right-clicking a bee, you have just tamed a bee! Worker Bees will produce Nectar by pollinating nearby flowers and will never stray too far from the Honey Comb. Tame Bees will also add any Nectar to the inventory of the Honey Comb. By clicking on a new Honey Comb with the Bee Pendant, you can program bees to go to the new location. This means you can have Bees and Honey Combs in several locations or even move already tame Bees to a new Honey Comb.

They will defend themselves against Wasps and will attack the player if provoked. They hit for 4 (2 hearts) twice per second if provoked, but do not inflict Poison.

Ironically or fittingly, they have 50% more health than a normal Wasp, but cannot inflict Poison. This may have been intentional for balancing reasons.