Block Extractor
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Block Extractor]]
Durability 128 (64 uses)
Renewable No
Stackable No

Description Edit

Block Extractors are unusual tools designed for the extraction (as the name suggests) of blocks from a distance of up to 16 blocks in any direction. To use, aim at a block and hold the right mouse button until the block is extracted. They are crafted using a pair of Stag Beetle Mandibles, a Diamond Pickaxe specifically enchanted with Silk Touch (it must be enchanted or the crafting will not work!) and a Chest, placed diagonally from top to bottom in that order.

Whenever a block is extracted, it will be automatically picked up and added to your inventory. It is worth noting that currently Block Extractors are a bit buggy and can mess up on which block to extract; just assume that the tool is a little far-sighted when it comes to seeing the block you want.

Whilst they do have 128 durability, each use chews up two; one for the extraction and one for the collection. They are, however, excellent at reaching ores in the roof of the Erebus.

Block Extractors can be repaired on an Altar of Repair.