Bog Maw
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Bog Maw]]
Health Points 25 (FullHeart x 12 + HalfHeart)
Attack Strength 4 (FullHeartFullHeart) + Poison Damage
Drops 0-2 Bog Maw Root

Description Edit

Bog Maws are plantlike ambush predators that lurk in Submerged Swamps. They are less than half a block tall, but are about 1x1 blocks long and wide.

Being ambush predators, Bog Maws wait for unsuspecting players to get within range before leaping at their target, snapping their jaws on them. This deals 2 hearts of damage and inflicts 2 seconds of both Poison and Nausea.

Fortunately, Bog Maws have a detection range of only 4 blocks. They are surprisingly resilient for their size, however, having 12.5 hearts of health.

Bog Maws, oddly enough, are capable of drowning if spawned underwater or otherwise led into water, as they cannot swim. Somewhat hilariously, they can fly incredible distances when hit with even a small amount of knockback.

Bog Maw Root Edit

This root-acquired from its eponymous mob-is used only for the creation of a smoothie with the ErebusCo. Smoothie-matic 2000. It has no other uses at this time.