Has anyone playing this mod ever found an issue with it?

Please follow these Guidelines or your comment will be ignored or removed due to time wasting.

1. Test and see if the bug actually exists and it isn't just due to laziness and that it can be repeated.

2. Go to The Erebus mod github and submit an issue report (Links are on the Minecraft Forums page or Curse page so I will not post them here if you can't be bothered to look for them).

3. If the bug is confirmed and is actually a problem we will look in to fixing it.

4. (Should be Number 1) Do not be rude, take out your frustrations and consider yourself self entitled. The mod is made by the Authors for fun and for the use of other people to enjoy. The mod is FREE for anyone to use (or not) if they want, at no charge even though it takes THOUSANDS of hours of our free time to make. The mod is under constant development and will contain things that need fixing, that is just something that comes with a big mod with lots of content. Supply constructive statements rather than brattish comments that just make YOU look stupid in the long run.