Redgem Block
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Redgem Block]]
Physics No
Transparency Yes
Luminance Yes (13)
Tool Pickaxe
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
Drops Redgem

Description Edit

Redgem is a Glowstone-like block, found in the Erebus. It spawns in veins much like Glowstone does in the Nether.


2014-03-15 17.59.03

A Redgem vein

Similar to Glowstone, the most common use for Redgem is to light up your base, house, and the like. It can also be crafted into Redlamps, just as Glowstone can be crafted into Redstone Lamps. When broken, Redgem blocks drop a Redgem. These gems can be used to activate Altars. Redgem blocks can also be used as fuel for the Powered Glider Chestplate at a few seconds a piece.

2014-03-15 18.04.29

A Red Lamp(Activated)


Red Lamps are the opposite of Redstone Lamps. When placed they emit light, and when powered with a redstone signal, they stop emitting light.

Altar of LightningEdit

When used to power an Altar, the altar transforms for a Minecraft day (20 minutes) into an Altar of Lightning. The altar will then detect and destroy all arthropods that enter the vicinity with lightning. Careful not to kill friendly Bees, Beetles or Ants!

Other Recipes Edit

Redgems can be made into 2 redstone. It can also be surrounded by Bioluminescence to make a Glowing Gem. Finally, it can be surrounded by altar fragments for an Umbergolem Torso.