Staff of Gaea
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Renewable No
Stackable No

Description Edit

A Staff of Gaea is a crafted staff used solely to open-and maintain the opening of-an Erebus Portal (to construct the portal, please see Travelling to the Erebus). It is made using a Gaean Gem, three Sticks, four Vines and a Gold Ingot. It is not renewable due to the Diamond requirement of a Gaean Gem and has no other use beyond acting as a fancy key. The recipe to construct one is shown below.
Staff of Gaea Crafting

The crafting recipe for a Staff of Gaea.

Gaean Gem Edit

Gaean Gems are strange, eyeball-crossed-with-Earth-looking items that are necessary to create a Staff of Gaea. They require the fusion of a Diamond, an Emerald and a piece of Obsidian on an Offering Altar. Once placed onto an Offering Altar, they will weave in and out three times, on the third time fusing into a Gaean Gem.

It serves no purpose other than to create a Staff of Gaea.

Gaean Keystone Edit

The linchpin of the whole operation. In order to make an Erebus Portal, you will require a Gaean Keystone upon which to place a Staff of Gaea. Gaean Keystones are made using two Vines, five Stone Bricks and a piece of Obsidian.

Their sole purpose is to be a pedestal for a Staff of Gaea in front of an Erebus Portal.

Gaean Keystone Crafting

The recipe for a Gaean Keystone.