Preface Edit

In light of the recent handling of this wiki, I have taken it upon myself to overhaul the entire thing top to bottom, inside and out. This tutorial is no exception; it was merely a link to the Curseforge page, where a piecemeal tutorial could be found. I have decided that, in accordance with the rest of my overhaul, that the people who wish to venture to the Erebus do so with the best help they can get.

With that in mind, I hope the following tutorial proves itself useful to you, as well as the rest of the wiki; after all, I did rewrite every page. Enjoy!


NOTE: If you cannot get something in this tutorial to work, first ensure that it's actually this mod causing the issue, then comment on this thread. Do NOT add opinionated/useless comments into the tutorial simply because it's not working for you right now; I am notified every time someone does this, and promptly undo those edits. Please, if you are having issues, ask; I see every comment and will help however I can. -TRD

Travelling to the Erebus Edit

So, you wish to visit the mysterious underground realm known only as the Erebus, eh? A dangerous and wondrous land full of gigantic insects and endless dangers; well, alright, I guess I can show you the way.

Step 1: Prep Work Edit

You won't get far on your first trip to the Erebus without good gear. Equip yourself with at least a full set of enchanted Iron Armour, an enchanted Iron Sword and an enchanted Bow (preferably with Infinity). Make sure your boots have Feather Falling III or IV, if possible; there are a lot of drops in the Erebus.

Once you've scraped together your combat gear, ensure you have a Silk Touch pickaxe; it'll prove useful for certain blocks you may wish to grab during your stay in the Erebus.

After that, the most obvious essentials; a light source, food, and anything else that may pertain to your playstyle (such as a Bucket of Water or Ladders/Vines).

In terms of materials to literally get the portal working (and to get back!), you will need:

  • 2 Diamonds
  • 2 Emeralds
  • 4 Obsidian pieces
  • 10 Vines
  • 3 Gold Ingots
  • A minimum of 20 Stone Bricks (12 or more for the portal, 8 for an Offering Altar and Gaean Keystone; you'll need both!)
  • 4 Stone (Smooth Stone; yknow, smelt Cobblestone)
  • A minimum of 4 of any kind of Leaves (for the portal; you will need more for bigger portals!)

Step 2: The Offering Altar and Gaean Gems Edit

You won't be able to get to the Erebus without making an offering, first. Craft an Offering Altar and place it. See its page for more details on how to craft it.

Now, for this next part, you need to right-click on the Offering Altar with an Emerald, a Diamond and a piece of Obsidian. These three, given around 15 seconds, will turn into a Gaean Gem. Sneak+Right-click to obtain the gem.

Let me tell you a secret; you actually need two of these, otherwise you won't be able to return from the Erebus without making another Staff of Gaea (and hence Gaean Gem and Offering Altar), since the one you make in the Overworld keeps its staff. This is because the return portal in the Erebus does not spawn with a staff. No, you cannot take the first one you make; I'll explain why further on in this tutorial.

So, keeping that in mind, repeat the process to obtain a second Gaean Gem. After you have two Gaean Gems, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Staffs of Gaea and the Gaean Keystone Edit

Using your two Gaean Gems, craft two Staffs of Gaea. One is your key to the Erebus, and the other is your key back. Keep both on you for now; you'll need them very soon.

Once you've crafted both staffs, craft a Gaean Keystone. As soon as you're done with that, it's time to make the portal. Grab your Stone Bricks and Leaves.

Step 4: The Erebus Portal Edit

Now, as much as people may have become confused due to lack of information in the past, this is no longer the case. So, quick checklist. Have you got:

If so, we'll get right into making the portal.

Place your Stone Bricks in a 4x4 square shape, so that a 2x2 hole remains in the centre. This is not mandatory, as the portal can be of any size-and, interestingly, does not have to be square, but does have to be vertical. You want to make a triangle portal? A circle portal? Some crazily-shaped portal that oddly enough fits in with your house? Go for it; but you'll have to do the math on Stone Bricks and Leaves yourself.

Once your Stone Bricks are arranged, fill the inner area with Leaves. Any variety will do, although probably best to make all the leaves of the same kind, just in case. Finish filling the portal frame with Leaves, then step back from the portal. Place-leaving a one block gap-your Gaean Keystone in front of the portal.

Switch over to your first Staff of Gaea, take a deep breath, and right-click on the Gaean Keystone to place your staff onto it. The Leaves should turn into a deep green-coloured portal. Congratulations! You made an Erebus Portal!

Note: Do not remove the Staff of Gaea from the keystone, or the portal will close and you will have to replace the Leaves.

Before you walk through that portal, ensure you have the second Staff of Gaea on you, or it's gonna be a very long haul to get back to the Overworld.

Step 5: The Erebus and the Return Portal Edit

Ready to take the portal? Do a final check on your gear and supplies before blindly leaping into the unknown! All there? Good. Take a step into the portal; it acts like an End Portal, so you'll warp instantly.

Once you're in the Erebus, take a moment to light up your surroundings, as you may spawn in a dark cave. Make sure you're safe from the giant insects that inhabit this dimension, then turn around and look at the return portal.

If you ignored my advice and didn't bring a second Staff of Gaea, this is my "I told you so!" moment.

Place your second Staff of Gaea (handy now, isn't it?) onto the Gaean Keystone in front of the return portal to activate it. As with the portal you made, the staff must stay there to keep the portal open. If you wish, leap back through it to make sure it works, then return to the Erebus.

Step 6: Explore! Edit

Congratulations! You've successfully made it to the Erebus! Feel free to explore to your heart's content; but beware of the dangers that await you! Good luck, adventurer!

Assistance for those without a second Staff of Gaea Edit

You poor souls. I warned you and everything. Well, this will make you learn your lesson.

In order to return from the Erebus without dying, you must find another Emerald, Diamond and piece of Obsidian, some Gold (luckily plentiful in the Erebus) and some Cobblestone. Make another Offering Altar and Gaean Gem. Craft another Staff of Gaea (like you should have done the first time!) and place it on the return portal's Gaean Keystone. You may now return home.

How do I know you'll learn your lesson? Unless you're extremely lucky, Emeralds are damn near impossible to find in the Erebus. Have fun.