Health Points 75 (FullHeart x 37 + HalfHeart)
Attack Strength 5 (FullHeartFullHeartHalfHeart)
Drops 5 Stone

Description Edit

Umbergolems are small-statured, gargoyle-like mobs that start off frozen in a stone Umbergolem Statue. These statues, when animated with a Wand of Animation, turn into an Umbergolem.

These Umbergolems will follow you as long as you hold the Wand of Animation (unlike Animated Blocks, you have to actively hold it to make an Umbergolem follow you) and will attack all mobs (except for Creepers!) that get within range, but only when you stop holding a Wand of Animation.

They deal moderate damage, solid knockback and inflict an unknown status ailment upon enemies (presumably Weakness). They aren't as effective as Iron Golems at most forms of protection, but can follow the player to compensate.

You can find Umbergolem Statues as a very rare piece of loot in any Erebus dungeon-tier Chest.

Parts Edit

Umbergolem parts-heads, arms, legs and torsos-can be crafted by the player and combined into a full Umbergolem Statue. These parts require:

Combine all of these in a logical way in a Crafting Table to create your own Umbergolem Statue.

Idol Guardians Edit

Mud Guardian
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Mud Guardian]]
Health Points 100 (FullHeart x 50)
Attack Strength 4 (FullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 1 Mud Idol
Iron Guardian
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Iron Guardian]]
Health Points 150 (FullHeart x 75)
Attack Strength 5 (FullHeartFullHeartHalfHeart)
Drops 1 Iron Idol
Jade Guardian
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Jade Guardian]]
Health Points 250 (FullHeart x 125)
Attack Strength 7 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeartHalfHeart)
Drops 1 Jade Idol
Gold Guardian
[[File:{{{Image}}}|Gold Guardian]]
Health Points 200 (FullHeart x 100)
Attack Strength 6 (FullHeartFullHeartFullHeart)
Drops 1 Gold Idol

Umbergolem Idol Guardians are hostile minibosses found in Antlion Overlord Pyramids that are enlarged models of the standard Umbergolem, with different colours.

They come in four flavours:

  • Mud Guardians, which lob slimeballs (not Slimeballs) at the player, inflicting 6 seconds of either Slowness or Slowness IV, dependent on chance
  • Iron Guardians, which fire webbing at the player in a similar manner to Scytodes
  • Gold Guardians, which throw flames that ignite blocks
  • Jade Guardians, which pelt darts at the player that inflict 4 seconds of Poison

Each Idol Guardian drops its respective Idol, which is used as part of the first puzzle of Antlion Overlord Pyramids. They do not drop anything else and are immune to being petrified with a Wand of Animation, unlike the normal Umbergolem.